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These are two sample menus and their stories

The Sit down dinner is inspired from a corsair expedition conducted by Captain Michele Picasso in 1791. The Captain was one of the most active corsairs in Malta towards the end of the 18th century. He was originally from Genoa however he married a local girl Maria from Senglea. Our menu is based on what was eaten aboard his 22 gun Xebek. The following is the menu inspired by the expedition of 1791. Two hundred years in the making.

The stand-up reception is inspired from a Maltese diary written in 1770. Marie Antionette had just married the future Louis XVI on the 16th of May 1770. The diary gives us an insight to the celebration organised in Malta for this special occasion. Two days of celebrations were organised in Valletta. No expense was too lavish in honour of the Dauphine and his new wife. Wine was directly imported from France and descriptions of fountains flowing wine are vividly described in the diary. One party organised by the Knight De Pena, hosted the most beautiful woman of the island. The party lasted till 5am when young couples were still stumbling out of the French man’s palace.


A selection of air dried salsiccia seasoned with smoked Maltese chili, Maltese aged sheep cheese, and aged Maltese pecorino, a selection of seasonal grilled vegetables.
Served with ships’ biscuit


Chickpea and Broccoli Soup

main course

Montone in Pignata
Slow cooked mutton served in a pecorino and vegetable stew. Served with chunky bread.


Goat’s milk, cinnamon and lemon ice cream from 1746
Coffee infused with blossom water


Port Wine

The above is served with free flowing wine.

A welcome drink of Prosecco will be offered to guests upon arrival, after a guided tour in conjunction with the above story guests are ushered to the dining hall.

Deep fried zucchini flowers, lightly dusted with semolina, stuffed with fresh sheep cheese

Aged Maltese pecorino, dried sheep cheese (ġbejniet), spicy salsiccia slices and grilled garlic pork sausages sprinkled with Maltese smoked chilies

Served with

Chickpea farinata sprinkled with fresh rosemary

Agiazzata di Kafe from 1746 (in the 18th century sorbets and iced drinks were all the rage. This recipe is what was typically drunk to cleanse the stomach in between courses. This is a recipe that fuses vanilla pods and cold coffee, brewed and frozen to create a smooth cold beverage)

Iced tomato and bell pepper soup served in consume cups

Grilled octopus in a smoked Maltese paprika sauce

Grilled pork liver kebabs

Orizzotto with local herbs pesto

Qasqusa fuq ix-Xini – this is a recipe from 1776. It was considered to be the most sumptuous of Maltese roasts. A pork shoulder is marinated in wine and studded with garlic, cloves, and laurel leaves. It is then gently cooked in wine, goats milk which is spiced with nutmeg, cinnamon, crackled pepper and smoked paprika. After 4 hours of slow cooking, whole grain rice is poured into the wine, milk and all the juices that ooze out of the pork creating a risotto effect round the pork shoulder. This dish typifies the Maltese 18th century kitchen. Spices from the far east imparted into the most popular meat eaten on the island. A reminder of the cosmopolitan kitchen that was being created in 18th century Malta.

Chocolate ice cream
from 1746

Local fruit marinated in Maraschino wine

The wine on offer will be free flowing. There will be a choice of a red and a white wine during the dinner served at the bar, along with mineral water.

All the wines on offer are inspired from the Grandmasters’ actual wine list which still exists.

Just like our vibrant mediterrenean history, our menu possibilities are endless.

Both the above are just a taster that Taste History can offer.

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